Jake Whiskin Shares Dreamy New Track 'Slow Motion'

‘Slow Motion’ is the dreamy new single from the Northern singer-songwriter Jake Whiskin.

From the first listen, it is undeniable that Jake has displayed his pure vulnerability in the divine lyricism of the release. There is a boundless sense of sincere susceptibility which is idyllic. The words focus on the idea of leaving your past behind you, a captivating yet relatable message.

Comforting is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Jake’s voice. Despite being a more melancholic release, the undertone of hope is accented. There is an overwhelming untroubled and assured feeling that washes over you when you listen to this song, a feeling of understanding and compassion.

‘Simplicity is key’ is definitely reminiscent in ‘Slow Motion’, the uncomplicated and lucid guitar is a perfect backdrop for this song.