James Humphrys - All The Same

Bristol’s own James Humphrys has put everyone else’s idea of lockdown productivity to shame. All The Same is his third release of 2020 and is indicative not only of his drive, but also his determination to do something a bit different.

"I wrote this song while I was working as musician on a cruise ship around Alaska. ‘All the Same’ began in my cabin with a clapping rhythm I was messing around with over a four to the floor beat I was tapping with my foot- it created this intensely swung feel. It was inspired by American Composer Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping Music (1972)’. I found it fascinating how a short, simple piece like that could bring so much satisfaction and move me in such a way.", tells James.

Memorable lyrics and a jazz twist on traditional indie pop has lead to an upbeat and textural bop, something that is ever more on the rise with the success of artists such as Tom Misch. Defiant and deliberate, Humphrys has all of the ingredients it takes to create the perfect summer anthem.