James Humphrys - Memory Palace

James Humphrys’ long awaited Memory Palace is the EP we have been dreaming of since his 2020 releases kicked off.

The singles Colour and All The Same, make up half of this true summer soundtrack. Both seemingly timeless and yet innovative, they were the perfect introduction to what was in store from the full EP.

The first brand spanking new track we encounter is the resounding Better Days. A complex and jazzy riff pulls you in from the offset, hauling you in with tales of romance with a track which is infectious, upbeat and textural. So many elements have been painstakingly added to curate something that feels so natural and effortless, only adding to the coolness of this track, and the EP as a whole.

Lost in You is a softer take, yet still maintains a clear and recognisable sound that Humphrys has made his own. The elements in this track are more delicate than the last, allowing the vocals to take the forefront, while in true keeping with the striking tone he has maintained in his tracks so far.

This EP is packed full of bop after bop, keeping your toes tapping and keeping you interested all the way through. For fans of Tom Misch, you would be a fool to overlook the talent and music making of Bristol’s very own James Humphrys, who may just have created some tunes capable of saving us from this dingy summer.