James Humphrys - Three Weeks

If there’s one person who has been bringing positive vibes to 2020, it’s Bristol’s James Humphrys.

His latest single, Three Weeks, is another groove-fuelled, funky exploration of common vulnerabilities, with a high tempo and dreamy back beat only making these emotions more relatable.

Delving into the difficulties that lockdown has placed upon relationships, be that romantic, platonic or familial, Humphrys grapples the void we have all experienced in these trying times, being caught in a time where communication has been at it’s hardest. Against the jangle and the funk, this tune lets us know that we have all felt the same, and his light hearted take on the situation is truly refreshing.

After a stream of quality releases throughout 2020, James Humphrys has taken this period of chaos we’ve been calling a year in his stride, with Three Weeks only adding to his year of successes. If you’re a fan of Tom Misch or Bombay Bicycle Club, this is a track you’d be a fool to miss.