Jekyll - I Do What I Can

Jekyll are on their way to SXSW and they’re taking their own recipe of

Blackpool Rock with them.

I Do What I Can, the new single from Jekyll feels as though the winding melodies of Echo

and The Bunnymen, the instrumental prowess of My Bloody Valentine and the clinical

moodiness of Muse were put into a cocktail shaker at a somewhat overpriced bar, shook up

and poured over ice with Jack Daniels.

The first stand out from the track is the gorgeous shoegazey guitars that smack you in the face within seconds, it’s like being sucked into a black hole, but within instants lead singer Joel Foster appears from the haze to soothe you with his almost intoxicating voice. The overall vibe of the track is almost creepy, but the band have explained that it’s based on “desire that borders on obsession”. If you like your alternative rock then I Do What I Can is highly recommended.