John Myrtle Exudes Boyish Charm On New Track 'Get Her Off My Mind'

Photo Credit: Jody Evans

The new track from John Myrtle, ‘Get Her Off My Mind’ forefronts his plaintive, boyish charm, painting our drab Winter days with all the colours of Summer.

The retro, dancehall pacing of the song casts him as the boy next door, leaving you dreaming of grooving and jiving on a Friday night with the prettiest girl in school. Accompanied by warm yellow artwork, featuring a fresh-faced Myrtle with the kind of awkwardly earnest smile that belongs in high school yearbooks, he has managed to trap sunshine behind every bar of the song. Bright optimism is threaded through the breezy guitar lines, the edge of youthful angst translated into something golden. Myrtle harnesses the easy cool of the sixties and marries it perfectly with the awkward feel of the internet age. He is a modern Frankie Valli, here to usher in an early summer. Grab the tinnies, let’s go to the park.