John Myrtle releases retro new track 'How Can You Tell If You Love Her?'

Credit: Marie Dutton

John Myrtle is back with another feel-good retro number, hosting all the gawky charisma and buttercup energy of his last. ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her?’ arrives as Myrtle announces his debut album, ‘Myrtle Soup’, set for arrival in the summer.

The track marries sonic sunshine with adolescent angst, the lyrics orbiting the worries and doubts of love. Soundtracked by jangling guitars however, these worries never become overwhelming, offset as they are by the sweetness of Myrtle’s delivery. The chocolate box charm of Myrtle’s song writing pushes through the anxieties like daisies pushing up through the dirt, leaving the song bright and gentle.

On the track, Myrtle says “I guess the song is about being sure of the relationship you’re in - you can never really be certain you’re doing the right thing, you’ve just got to trust yourself. It’s not like you can get a tape measure or complete a questionnaire to tell you if what you’re doing is right. This was the first song I had written since I had moved to London. I remember feeling quite alone when writing it, and just really unsure about all the decisions I had made up until that point. I had just broken up with a long term girlfriend who I had partly moved to London to be with, and I had just begun seeing someone who told me she only wanted a casual type of thing going. I remember feeling like everyone I had known always seemed to doubt love in some way, and I wrote the lyrics to this song with that in mind. I was unsure of what the future held for me, and I felt like singing this song was quite cathartic, at least it screamed out that I wanted certainty in my life and answers!”