Juice combine the best of all worlds on new power-pop smash 'Superimposed'

There's a lot going on with Brooklyn-based outfit Juice. From their seven member strong formation and the vast blend of influences heard lurking amongst their sound, to the hectic visual aspects found alongside new single 'Superimposed', and with it comes a lot to love.

Their first release of 2021, 'Superimposed' is the best of every world. Fusing the bubbly energy of indie-pop with the addictive choruses of boyband pop, Juice hop from genre to genre with effortless flare. There's hints of hip-hop and pop-punk, the dazzling synths of dream-pop and themes of isolation and anxiety - it's a lot to take in, but easy to fall in love with for fans of all tastes.

Speaking about 'Superimposed', vocalist & violinist Christian Rose elaborates:"In the fall of 2020, we isolated ourselves in Killington, Vermont, where we worked on dozen of new song ideas for our upcoming project “Boy Story”. One night towards the end of October, I stayed up all night in my bedroom demoing out an idea in Logic Pro. I had a chord progression, an obnoxious little synth line (which is still in the final version), and some cool lyrics about how complicated it can be to think about an ex. It became an interesting alt rock/synth-pop/hip-hop collage, and when I showed it to my bandmates the next day, we all decided the idea was worth pursuing. The guys injected their various talents and writing perspectives over the next several days, and ‘Superimposed’ was born.”