JWestern announces new EP with the introspective cut 'Active Guy'

Leeds genre-hopper JWestern is back with news of a new EP, 'Midnight Thoughts' due 13th August via tastemaker label Heist or Hit. Today, he's also dropped the introspective new cut 'Active Guy'.

Equally laidback and addictive, 'Active Guy' is yet another step forward for John Gooding. Solidifying his place amongst rising genre-bending stars like Still Woozy and Easy Life; he fuses a breezy air of RnB with slacked electro-beats – shifting his awareness onto the burn out culture of today's youth and reclaiming time for himself in a world focussed on keeping busy.

He explains: “‘Active Guy’ is a kind of ode to myself. At the time of writing it I was burnt out from working a 9-5 job leaving me drained all the time. When it came to the weekend I just wanted tokick back and listen to music, but I always felt this expectation that I had to be productive all the time, bettering myself in some way. Waking up at the crack of dawn and going for a run then doing a massive list of jobs, it just isn’t for me -on a Sunday at least. When it came to writing the track it all began with the line “you think that I’m crazy -cause I just want to be lazy” and I thought, what do I want to do on a Sunday? It all kind of snowballed from there and the lyrics just fell into place."