JWestern reflects upon falling in love on 'Feel Like This'

Credit: Aubrey Simpson

Continuing to toe the line between alt-pop and RnB, Leeds riser JWestern's latest woozy addition to Heist or Hit's collective of acclaimed releases, 'Feel Like This' finds him reflecting upon the feeling of falling in love.

The track introduces a more intimate side to JWestern's songwriting; masking electro beats and glimmering guitars behind smouldering, hip-hop inspired production. “Writing ‘Feel Like This’ was all about capturing that first moment of realising you’re utterly in love with a person, but it’s all coming at you so fast. The confused, butterfly feeling which takes you aback and messes you up until you’re out the other side. I wanted to create an atmosphere of stillness, like someone’s underneath moonlight, completely wrapped up in their mind about this person and doing their utmost to keep moving., tells John.

It’s a very reflective song on something I may never experience again, so looking back on that moment makes me appreciate crossing paths with a person who could have such an impact on me in such a short amount of time. I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to, the uncertainty of thinking the feelings are all one sided and yet also having this anticipation of what could be. Knowing that you can’t get this persons' touch out of your head day and night, wondering if they’re thinking the exact same thing over you. I think moments like these are really telling of learning more about yourself as a person.”