Keir and Fenne Lily team up for heart-wrenching ballad 'Leave A Light On'

The highly acclaimed Keir has paired up Fenne Lily to create a beautiful, entrancing musical ballad; titled ‘Leave a Light On’, the pair’s latest work is of mesmeric slice of musical perfection.

‘Leave a Light On’ is a heart-wrenching love song, complete with sincere vocals and a stripped-back acoustic backing. A sincerely earnest track led by Keir’s and Fenne’s austere and unvarnished vocals; the delicate single’s lyricism is ardently passionate, a call for your love not to leave you; a call for them to ‘leave a light on’ so that your fire can burn once again.

Speaking about ‘Leave A Light On’, which he wrote following the loss of his Grandmother and the end of a longterm relationship, Keir explains: “I remember being on FaceTime constantly with Fenne, mostly consisting of her watching me cry. After a little bit of healthy wallowing, I started writing again. In a way, I suppose, the song is about that time. It’s about everything I was feeling.”