King No-One - Roll Of The Dice

Charismatic alt-pop rockers King No-One have come out winners with their newest release, Roll of the Dice. The York three-piece have originally weaponised their energising and unique quirks to produce an inspiriting single.

The trio has gained a solid reputation with their unconventional and modish appearances paired with an indisputably recognisable sound.

Vocal harmonies are no stranger to the three-piece, and take the bulk of the chorus layered over a powerful beat and flowing guitars, carrying a sense of emotion that seems to be assuredly present in all King No-One's music.

Although Roll of the Dice is not dissimilar to the majority of their previously released tracks, it is undeniable that the single offers an exhilarating and heartwarming effect when heard .

Heartfelt lyrics follow catchy melodies that continue throughout; unique riffs and an ecstatic aura that overall gives Roll of the Dice the dreamy touch that many adore.