King Nun - Headrow House, Leeds

The vivacious, coming of age rockers King Nun seemingly owned West Yorkshire with their dynamic and industrious performance. Joining the headliners were atmospheric Leeds four piece Wuzi and fellow local band Sea Legs, an alternative upcoming band in the resident area.

With Sea Legs up first, the three-piece undoubtedly constructed an engaged audience with seconds of starting their first song. The unconventional hippy ensemble filled the venue with complex drums, a large amount of hip thrusting and sudden apt tempo changes. Their set finished with their newest single, a loved hit to the although relatively small audience. With their catchy lyrics and eye-pleasing stage presence, Sea Legs are definitely worth a listen.

With the crowd filling up swiftly, whispers fill the room filling the ambient silence between bands. As Wuzi enter the stage all eyes are instantaneously focused on the rockers as they kick off their opening tune. The four piece experiment with a genre-bending medley of hits that are largely atmospheric grunge with psychedelic and indie components. The unexpected heavy rock aspects and distorted voice effects appealing to the varied audience of all ages. The main star of the performance, a middle-aged man energetically headbanging in a bright blue bucket hat just two feet away from the stage. Ending with the bang of all instruments playing with such intense power, it was an unforgettable set.

After a succinct 15 minute changeover, the venue was plunged into darkness and the audience erupted into a cheer as King Nun unapologetically strode onto the stage.

Kicking off the set with Golden age, an unreleased single which undoubtedly set the mood for the following 40 minutes. Not only were the striking group of lads oozing charisma and confidence which created an incredible live performance, but the stage was also lit with too large screens playing nostalgic and almost spooky clips in the background.

The silhouette of frontman Theo Polyzoides constructed a dark outline surrounded by deep red light in the center of the platform, constituting the obvious dark ambiance wanted by the ensemble. Bug, was then played as their fourth song, one of King Nun’s most popular anthems was accompanied by powerful drums and a happy audience.

A brief pause during songs was followed by a speech from Polyzoides, shouting messages down the microphone such as “I need a break from the mundane and you need one too. Let’s all get comfortable with being f**king freaks.” King Nun then continued with their non-stop hits and the lead singer pranced around on stage in the style of Robert Smith.

Blacktree was another popular ballad, comprised of gothic elements and heavy bass. The set was finished off with an unexpected acoustic song and last but not least the ending song was played with such immense power that the floor shook beneath your feet.