Lauran Hibberd - Bang Bang Bang

Lauran Hibberd’s latest single Bang Bang Bang is a Sony Walkman using pop

punk earworm from the summer of 1999 that just won’t go away.

“How do I write a great pop song but remain credible and also kinda grungy?”

It’s a question that has plagued musicians in their dingy bedrooms for years.

Generations have tried and generations have failed. Cue Lauran Hibberd.

Since arriving on the UK scene in 2018 she seems to have toured relentlessly

and released a plethora of certified “indie bangers” much to the enjoyment

of any UK indie fan. Bang Bang Bang is no exception. The track is based around the

90’s classic '10 Things I Hate About You’, and it captures the 1990’s afterglow

from the 80’s comedown perfectly.

Oozing that grungy optimism that makes bands like Weezer so loveable, Bang Bang Bang makes the listener feel Small Town American, like summer is coming up and it’s going to be a good one, like listening to this track a hundred times in a row.