Lauran Hibberd Teams Up With Lydia Night On New Track 'How Am I Still Alive?'

Photo Credit: Fraser Taylor

The perfect infusion of grunge and indie pop, Lauran Hibberd’s latest single, ‘How Am I Still Alive?’, featuring the Regrettes’ Lydia Night, is a transportation straight to a 90’s cult film.

Yet another addition to her already rousing back catalogue, this latest track marks her move into a more punk inspired, riff fuelled direction, something which when paired with her endearingly honest yet angsty lyricism conjures an image equally nostalgic and refreshing.

Having teamed up with producer Suzy Shinn again on this latest venture, Hibberd couldn’t have been in better company, taking on her expertise with other hit artists - in this case namely Weezer, capturing that true pre-millenium charm - to hit all the sweet spots of a self professed ‘slacker-pop’ success.

Girl power collaboration, infectious riffs and a grungy attitude? This is a recipe for greatness we can get behind.