Lauren Aquilina shares scorching new single 'The Knife'

Credit: Ryan Saradjola

Serving up the ultimate dose of sass and power, Lauren Aquilina marks her return today with the fierce new single – ' The Knife'.

Co-produced by Marcus Andersson (SOPHIE, Ashnikko), 'The Knife' steers well away from the piano ballads Lauren has become familiar for and instead details the final straw in a failing relationship, which she describes as “the final ammo to properly remove them from your life, so it turns out to be a good thing", via storming drum beats and distorted guitar lines.

The scorching number is a lesson in alt-pop and as Lauren herself says (“this is going to be the song that introduces people to a brand new side of me.”), is an introduction to a whole new side of her music; one we simply cannot get enough of.