Lightning Bug Announce Third Album & Single 'The Right Thing Is Hard To Do'

Credit: Ingmar Chen

American five-piece Lightning Bug are set to release their third album, announcing its birth with the evanescent lead single ‘The Right Thing is Hard to Do’.

The track is a prime example of their expansive, dusky indie pop, its shoegaze inflections as light as a skimming stone. The whole song feels like the sonic equivalent of that soft blue light that descends as day rolls into night, fleeting and phantom. Guitars come in waves, echoing the ebb and flow of the tide in a sweetly mindful manner. Each disparate instrumental element is strung together with the dexterity and weightlessness of a spiders web, shining with raindrops in the low light. The gorgeous mirage of lead singer Audrey Lang’s vocals threads the whole song together with a gentleness and a quiet confidence that makes the track rise up and spread its wings, defiant.

Speaking on the song, she says “Here I wanted to connect how the struggles and flaws within the individual are mirrored in the greater problems of society. How do we as individuals know we are on the right path? How do we as a society, as a species, know we are on the right path? So I started with myself, and my own struggles, touching on how I hide myself away from other people, on my stage fright, on my inability to be vulnerable, on this feeling I used to have that I needed to prove I was worthy of being alive. Then I tried to connect these struggles outward to global issues like xenophobia, arbitrary borders, the lines we draw between ourselves and the environment, and the ways we sacrifice the health of the planet for human convenience.”