Live: Witch Fever - YES, Manchester

Credit: Debbie Ellis

The first batch of live shows in a post-pandemic world are going to be strange, unfamiliar and nerve wrecking – not so much for Witch Fever supporting Bob Vylan in their hometown of Manchester on a Friday night.

Having recently announced their signing to Sony’s Music for Nations label, the doom punk quartet have released two intoxicating singles, ‘Reincarnate’ and ‘In The Resurrect’ that cement their place in the genre and industry.

Standing at the bar in the Pink Room, waiting to be served a sweet pint in a plastic cup has never felt so good. A room of bystanders gravitate to the stage as the lights go red and the silhouette of four incredible women take their place on stage – no time to get a drink now. Tonight, is going to be so special.

Amy’s vocals echo around the room bringing everyone closer, on what might be their first gig out in over a year. “Come closer!” she shouts attracting the entire room closer to the stage. The band rattle through their set, leaving no second empty of entertainment, it’s so clear that they’re feeling the hometown love and the crowd are all here for it. There is an incredible amount of depth to this band, they’re explosive and honest in the lyrics and stage presence – they sure as hell know how to work their Manchester crowd.

They play the well-known tracks such as ‘Bully Boy’ and most recent single ‘In The Resurrect’ before hitting us with “the only slow song we’ve ever written” which truly captivates the entire crowd – if you weren’t already a Witch Fever fan, this is sure to sway that. The audience stand in awe of Amy, Alex, Alisha and Annabel during the slow and overwhelmingly powerful performance which results in an insane response from everyone – at this moment, you don’t want their 30-minute set to end.

Witch Fever end with their single ‘Reincarnate’ where Amy takes a walk into the crowd, Alex following suit with her bass to play in the centre of the crowd while Amy heads straight for the bar at the back making her own new stage. For a support slot, Witch Fever made the Manchester show truly their own, playing to a live hungry audience once again confirming live music is back with a vengeance.