Lizzie Reid - Seamless

Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lizzie Reid has shared the beautifully symphonic single Seamless.

Aptly-titled, Lizzie’s voice is as soothing as a perfect summer’s sunset, both calming and sedative throughout Seamless. The release is faultless with its flowing and tranquil melody paired with ataractic guitar.

The lyrics themselves are a metaphorical masterpiece. Yes, it is sad; a desperate and melancholic love ballad, yet the undertones are warm.

Lizzie has deep, untouched talent which allows her to create such angelic music. Listening to the track just once makes the listener feel a deep sense of relaxation. Seamless is like a never-ending and magnificently flowing waterfall.

Despite being new on the scene, Lizzie Reid has shown with both of her releases that she is capable of success. As an artist, she is down to earth and relatable and her music is extremely difficult to not love.