LoveLeo - Rosie

LoveLeo’s got an attitude problem. Luckily, it suits his lazy summer anti-pop perfectly.

Rosie is the second single by LoveLeo, and it’s catching all the attention because of his first – Boyfren, one of TikTok’s biggest musical hitters. It’s probably the attitude that helped him there – petulant and childlike rather than rebellious, but in a lazy summer-time ‘fuck it’ kinda way. It’s reflected in his chill guitar, easy boppy beats, and his lyrics. ‘Ring around the rosies, barely even know me’ is fun, and a little naughty throwback.

While it's hard to say there’s anything new in what LoveLeo’s doing, from the somewhat childlike, but kinda sexy europop to his funny if ingenious gimmicks. The quirky sound of an accordion, the enticing French whispers – it all plays on stereotypes, even if it is clever. But if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And it does work, really well, cause I’m pretty sure the point of LoveLeo’s music is to have fun – and listening is a bloody good time.

An easy add to the ‘Parc Monceau and tinnies’ playlist, for fans of Doja Cat, Thomas Headon, and Ariel Pink.