Low Island - Don't Let The Light In

Don’t Let The Light In is the wistful and drippy new single from Oxford four-piece Low Island.

The release is deeply experimental with its profoundly reverbed vocals and funky 80’s backbeat. Despite Don’t Let The Light In sounding iconically Low Island, it is easy to tell that the group have explored their musical tendencies.

The entirety of the three-minute song is a modish jam, compiled with perfect effervescent beats which makes it impossible to not bop your head to. The bass is deep-rooted and can be felt in every inch of your body, blast it on full volume on your speaker to explore the full effects of this groovy song.

Low Island have previously dazzled with releases such as In Person and Search Box and Don’t Let The Light In is clearly no exception. The musical path ahead for the band is glistening and shows no sign of dimming.