Lowertown - Best Person You Know

Creating the perfect atmospheric music for these dark, melancholy-filled evenings, freshly-graduated Atlanta duo Lowertown have shared new single Best Person You Know, their first output since signing with Dirty Hit.

It’s a delightfully gloomy slice of lo-fi filled with scrappy melodies and picky guitar lines which warm the heart exactly as they should do. Any listener will find it easy to lose themselves in Olivia Osby’s angsty vocals, soon finding themselves deep in the duo’s back catalogue.

Speaking about the track, Lowertown explain: “The lyrics for ‘Best Person You Know’ were inspired by a friend I once had who had no idea what he wanted in life. He ended up living without any direction or specific purpose to his actions, and he hated himself for it. My friend ended up acting carelessly and began doing things that were dangerous to himself and others furthering his own self-hatred. This song was written to emphasize the importance of living with direction and purpose and what happens you start to give that up. The structure of the song was written as a reflection of the emotions one experiences while maintaining a friendship with a toxic person; It represents the conflicting emotions and how quickly things change.”

There’s mountains of potential in Lowertown, and should they follow in the footsteps of Dirty Hit roster-mates Beabadoobee and The Japanese House that potential is well on its way to recognition.