Luca Wilding - Ruby, Don't Cry

Luca Wilding and his euphoric and atmospheric music dazzle once more with his newest, deeply lush release Ruby, Don’t Cry.

The alluring folk-pop singer signed to Abbey Records in 2019 proving his musical ability ever more. Luca’s voice is tranquillising, close your eyes and let his calming voice wash over you. The deep anguish relating to the lyricism is felt within every word that he chants. The melancholy poignancy is ever clear.

Ruby, Don’t Cry tells the harrowing account of a women’s binded beauty, desperate to break free from bleak times. “ Some time ago, I met a girl on a train…The thing I love most about this song is I have no idea who this person is, and I probably never will. I imagined this world of liberation for her, in which strength and inner beauty are rewarded with freedom.” Tells Luca.

The drums and guitar that accompany his vocals relay the message that simplicity is key, there is no doubt that the focus is on the lyrics. In essence, Ruby, Don't Cry is a beautifully transparent lullaby.