Lucy Gaffney - Send Me Away

Belfast-born, Liverpool-based sweetheart Lucy Gaffney has had us swooning since the release of her debut single Can’t Escape back in April. Now, after earning a whole herd of new fans with the release of an EP full of covers, she returns with the celestial new single Send Me Away.

Completely timeless, the track is an exceptional example of Lucy’s ability to create luscious melodies soaked in emotion. From her delicate vocal work to the dreamy synth lines which sit elegantly atop of a motorik rhythm - Send Me Away puts Lucy Gaffney at the forefront of Liverpool’s current music scene.

Speaking on the track, she explains: “For me the track really encapsulates the dreamy element in the idea of love, getting lost in intoxicating moments and the electric excitement of the unknown.”

“With the recording I wanted to capture the garage band rawness from when I wrote it in the rehearsal studio. There’s an honest naivety to it that fizzes with electric quirks and kinks from start to finish, igniting an in the moment carefree edge.”

(Photo credit: Charlotte Patmore)