Lucy Gaffney... The Irish Songwriter 'In The Air' With DMAs & Liam Gallagher

Following the release of one incredibly well received debut single, Can’t Escape back in April, rising singer-songwriter Lucy Gaffney has been hard at work sending social media into a spin with a string of honey-coated acoustic covers.

Described by Liam Gallagher as “celestial”, Lucy’s straight-to-social releases have seen her rocket during lockdown, something which caught her by surprise. “I never really expected the response that I got from those covers, it’s been pretty crazy.”

“It’s not something I normally do but they just seemed to really resonate with people around the world during lockdown. It’s been such a great way to get myself out there as a new artist but also I feel like it’s helped me experiment with my own style as a musician too.

The success has led to the release of the In The Air EP, a four track record made up of Gaffney’s own take on DMAs’ In The Air, Oasis’ Songbird, The Stone Roses’ Your Star Will Shine, and one heart-wrenching acoustic take on her own debut single, Can’t Escape.

For some, putting out covers as single releases is a bit of a touchy subject, but for Lucy it was a new way to push herself and connect with some of her favourite songs, “For me it’s about really connecting to a song and doing something original with it.”

“I recorded all the covers in my studio with my brother Thom but when we finished ‘In The Air’ it just really became something of its own and a had an energy to it. After discovering some of my favourite artists through covers, Jeff Buckley, Sinead O’Connor, The Beatles, DMA’s, in a way it felt pretty exciting to release something out of my comfort zone. I like to think of it as my ode to ‘Nothing Compares To You’ or ‘Torn’.”

The risk certainly seems to be paying off, though. Amongst the ton of new fans Gaffney has gained on social media is DMAs guitarist Matt Mason, who much to her surprise reached out to offer his guitar work on her very own version of his track, In The Air.

“Matt asking to play on the track was probably the biggest compliment and stamp of approval I could have asked for. Matt’s such an awesome musician and it was a dream to have him play on a track that I’ve recorded.”

The future is certainly looking bright for Lucy. Now nicely settled in Liverpool having relocated from Dublin, she’s found herself a place amongst the city’s vibrant music scene and become familiar with its history. “I love being constantly surrounded by the essence of music living there, I’ve written all my best tunes in Liverpool and it’s definitely a great place to feel inspired. The city has such a deep set history and earthiness to it which I love being a part of.”

“I gotta say my favourite space in Liverpool not to just to play in, but also to record and write in is Parr Street Studios. Hearing that it’s gonna get sold off for apartments has been really sad. It’s the heart of the city for me and there’s nothing worse than deep rooted culture being destroyed. I’m also still gutted the original Cavern Club isn’t still there!”

So what’s next? An original EP titled Big Love is slated for release in July/August she tells, “It’s already recorded so we’re just doing the finishing touches to it at the minute. I’ve recording it in my home studio in Belfast and my brother Thom Southern is producing it with Adrien Bushby (New Order, Foo Fighters, U2). Can’t wait to get it out!”

If Can’t Escape is anything to go by, Big Love promises to provide another soothing dose of swoon-inducing, heavenly vocal work and tender lyricism capable of shooting Lucy straight up amongst the major players.