LUKA - Play Thing

Soothing vocal harmonies take centre stage in this melodic, electronic alt-pop single by LUKA; a Leeds-based artist who has now released her first single since signing to Monomyth Records.

Electronically-processed vocals introduce the song in acapella style, with layers of intricate instrumentation weaving throughout; ebbing and flowing rhythmically to produce a song that engages with the listener in multiple, subconscious, ways. In this way, Play Thing teases as the song builds up to each chorus, then relaxes, thus keeping one guessing as to what will come next; a hook different to the flashy indie/rock riffs many of us are familiar with, but with the same musical purpose of ensuring the listener remains engaged from start to finish. The result of this work is that we’re left with an utterly enchanting song: beautiful, emotive and sincere.

Exploring the meaning behind the song reveals even more, as LUKA shows us in her own words: “a song about allowing somebody to have too much control over you and your emotions, and deciding it needs to change. This is a theme that I can relate to. Too often we are unkind to ourselves, allowing people to treat us badly in what we like to call love. I hope hearing these lyrics may feel familiar, something I think lots of other people will be able to relate to as well. Knowing we deserve better, and having a little dance to celebrate.”