Luna Morgenstern drops power-pop ballad 'Done'

Credit: Jak O'Hare

Luna Morgenstern has just released her newest evocative, power-pop ballad titled ‘Done’.

The single features slowing building versus which explode into fiery choruses. Despite the clear exasperated fury within the lyrics, ‘Done’ is quite the juxtaposition. The impassioned vocals contrast cleverly with the sunny pop back-beat which makes the single, at first glance, not seem quite as intense.

‘Done’ was written by Luna after a colossal argument with her father, which revolved around her want to pursue her career as a solo artist, this is something that sadly her father was not in support of. This back-story to the creation of the single certainly adds weight to its lyricism.

Speaking on the songwriting, Luna noted that It was the worst fight we ever had and with my father being my best friend, it was very hard on us both”. ‘Done’ is a vivacious track about female independence.

With the release of her debut EP ‘Taking The Blow’ approaching on 8th July; the road ahead for Luna seems to be glistening with hope and opportunity.