Luna Morgenstern shares sublime new single 'In My Head'

Stardom likely isn’t far away for this German-born songstress. Now based in Amsterdam, Luna Morgenstern articulates in a way that feels wise for her 23 years; drawing on a wealth of grievous experiences to write, sing and produce her alternative electropop symphonies.

Covering a broad emotional spectrum through synthy soundscapes and graceful vocals, Luna’s artistry has led to releasing music becoming a lifelong endeavour.

Written during the early days of the Covid pandemic, ‘In My Head’ flaunts Luna’s talents as an adept songwriter and bedroom producer. The track commences with a scramble of speech samples that give an artful air of distress — greatly emphasising the shift to a clean, sublime cacophony of waving synths and simple percussion that caress the gentle vocal. The track is minimal where it needs to be, and explosive in its glory moments. Culminating with layers of harmonious noise and fun vocoder experimentation, the silence following the hard stop of the song feels stranger than ever, with Luna’s writing causing a strangely addictive need to hit repeat.