Maddy Storm Reveals Ethereal New Track 'Sleep Deprived'

Manchester’s Maddy Storm’s latest single, ‘Sleep Deprived’ once again proves that she is at the forefront of indie electro pop.

Artfully infusing the electronic and ethereal, Storm’s otherworldly vocals overlap with intricate layers of melodies and synth, this latest track builds upon the individual brand she has already curated. With each listen revealing a new aspect of the song, her endearingly honest lyrics together with the fact that this has all been produced from her very own bedroom only increases the impressive nature of her creative and innovative take on music.

This track blurs together true authenticity and self awareness - saying herself that the single “is partly me airing my dirty laundry in public”, and intrigue, becoming an earworm in the most enjoyable sense of the word, adding yet another irresistible tune to Storm’s glittering roster.

Coming off the back of singles ‘The Art of Giving Up’ and ‘Dizzying Heights’, the momentum she has accrued has only left us eager for more. Having made the absolute best of the bad situation that lockdown has left us in, with a successful livestream for Farah Menswear, and the backing of BBC Introducing and Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Storm’s unconventional take is something you’d be a fool to ignore.