Marika Hackman - Gorilla, Manchester

At a time when “where are all the female artists?” is one of the music industry’s most commonly asked questions, Marika Hackman is here to prove that no, female musicians are not “all shit”, and in fact, are here in force; backed with not only incredible material but dedicated fanbases, too.

Three albums in, Hackman has played the majority of Manchester’s music venues, this time around taking to the stage of Gorilla to provide a breathtaking display of wit, nonchalant eroticism and sheer talent much to the delight of an adoring and dedicated gathering of fans on a gloomy Monday evening.

Arriving on stage for the first date of this 2020 tour to the sounds of The X Files’ theme tune before breaking straight into a set list consisting solely of confidence filled, intelligent lyrics and bone-chilling harmonies with blahblahblah.

Both visibly and audibly, Hackman and her band are tighter and more assured on stage than ever before, even when playing the newer material from 2019’s Any Human Friend, whether it be the distorted, faster paced the one, which boasts a chorus you’d struggle not to sing along to, or the self deprecating break up tale of i’m not where you are.

That confidence shines brightest though, in the likes of My Lover Cindy and Times Been Reckless, in which Hackman’s sharp tongue and dark wit take centre stage. Combine that luring attitude with the beaming smile and sweet, sarcastic chatter which shines from the centre of Gorilla’s stage and Marika Hackman is that effortlessly cool, endlessly talented role model every one of us girls has been waiting for.

It doesn’t matter how many times you catch Hackman’s live show, each and every one grows better and better year after year. Even in 2020, 2015’s Drown remains as breathtaking as 2019’s Come Undone, which even when played live for the first ever time is filled to the brim with tender, goosebump-inducing vocals and infectious guitar lines.

Filled with warmth, charming personality and copious talent, Marika Hackman and her band have come into their own; and with a set filled to the brim with high quality tracks spanning right back to 2015, it’s about time she received the recognition she is oh so deserving of.

Photography by Ianthe Warlow