Matilda Mann - Happy Anniversary, Stranger

London based singer-songwriter Matilda Mann is known for angelic, dreamy releases. Her newest release Happy Anniversary, Stranger does not shy away from her usual handcrafted and beautifully intricate songwriting abilities.

Simply put, Happy Anniversary, Stranger is a hazy and soothing lullaby which will send you deep into a blissful, dreamlike state. The backdrop to Matilda's vocals is presented by a gently rocking composition of guitar and drums, seemingly as if the music is flowing in the wind, gently swaying.

Matilda’s voice is inarguably bewitching. and her lyrics are pure innocence, the idea of virtuously falling in love, simple and relatable. Without question, Mann’s voice is so alluring that it could easily be listened to for hours on end; perfect alleviating sounds, ideal coffee shop music perhaps.

Matilda has already acquired a religious fanbase with already 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and oodles of likes on Instagram. You will be hearing her name for the foreseeable future for sure.