Matilda Mann - Japan

The angelically voiced Matilda Mann is back again with yet another pacifying and alleviating single; Japan will help ease your stresses and wash away your pain.

Matilda is one of the rising stars in the music scene of 2020, her music never fails to be almost heavenly. Japan will make you feel like you are floating 5,000 feet above the clouds filled with a deep sense of euphoria.

Matilda never fails to cast this world with her haunting backdrop of striking stories and superb instrumentation. It is an intimate folk tune with introspective lyrics delivered by her uniquely beautiful vocal stylings.

Japan may be somewhat similar to Matilda’s previous releases this year, but that does not make the single any less dazzling. Throughout 2020, the London based singer-songwriter has formed a secure fan-base who deeply admire her, making her set for a large amount of acclaim in the upcoming months.