Matthew Holland - Love

Matthew Holland’s latest single Love is a fresh, vibrant and charming handling of an often-repetitious concept. Hailing from Manchester, Matthew Holland teams with his band, All The King’s Men in this romantic, optimistic but punchy single.

Love is an appetising psychedelic single, with no lack of bouncy riffs and sleek harmonies. Chiming synths animate the ballad-esque chorus, giving an already naturally luscious song additional depth. Holland’s intent for the track was to spread a little love in a hateful time, preaching “everybody needs more love in their life, for themselves and each other.”

The masterful song writing skills of Holland are embellished by local legend, Dean Glover, whose production ensures a thoroughly pleasurable listening experience of this easy-going anthem.

Love is a sentimental (but never twee) depiction of what we could all use a slice of right now.