Max Jury Teams Up With Fenne Lily On 'The Desperate Kingdom of Love'

Max Jury and Fenne Lily have teamed up for a sweetly sprawling new cover of PJ Harvey’s ‘Desperate Kingdom of Love’, a lovely ode to the original, reimagined as a wide-reaching ballad. The cover takes the quiet force and subdued emotion of the original and expands it into something cinematic, decking out Harvey’s poetry in tinkling pianos and breathy vocals. If PJ Harvey’s original is the soft integrity of back porch dreaming, their version is open road fervour.

Of the track, Jury said “I love Polly Harvey as an artist, and I always have. For whatever reason, she’s always really resonated with me. And that song in particular I’ve always just loved so much. I thought it would be good to do it as a duet, to add a new element – the way she sings it, it feels like a story with two sides almost. Fenne Lily was keen to hop on, so I was flattered and grateful that she was down to do it. I love the breathiness and softness of her voice, and it was a great fit on this song. Recording it was very much a quarantine vibe, her in her place, me in mine. But PJ’s original was a home recording, so it felt right to not make it sound too clean.”

Fenne Lily added “I used to listen to Max’s early stuff on my bus ride to school, the same school PJ went to, so this felt like a sweet collision of worlds. Thank you to the queen for writing the perfect song, and to Max for wanting my voice.”