Meet... Sofia Wolfson

Sofia Wolfson is the twenty year old Los Angeles based singer-songwriter earning early comparisons to Phoebe Bridgers with her raw, honest lyricism and swooning, distinctive vocal work.

Her music is submerged in her self-proclaimed ‘emo’ and ‘sad girl’ energy, the product of growing up around music. “I was surrounded by music growing up. My dad plays guitar so there were always a ton of instruments around the house. I started writing songs in elementary school about typical nine-year-old things like friendship and sleepovers and the occasional heartbreak. I got more serious about music in high school when I started gigging and made my first album when I was 15.”, Sofia tells.

Billboard, her latest single was written while living in Boston, and provides a heart-wrenching introduction to Sofia’s talent for story telling. Heavy strings met with deep drum effects make for a dark, introspective atmosphere; something which sets Sofia apart from her US peers.

The initial inspiration came from a night I did actually pass a billboard and thought I saw someone I knew on it. It was incredibly disorienting and seemed to embody the dissociative phase I felt stuck in. The writing process was both easy and difficult. The words came out rather quickly because I was letting myself be totally honest. But the process was difficult because I hadn’t realised how terrible I felt until I wrote the song.”, she explains.

There’s no competition between herself and fellow members of the LA scene though, “I feel very lucky to have grown up in LA around so many incredible songwriters. Going to shows makes me want to be better because I’m inspired and encouraged by the musicians around me, not because I feel pressured to.”

Although new to the UK, the experience of playing shows across London as Shacklewell Arms, The Lexington and Rough Trade has seen Sofia make her mark across the pond, an experience which has stuck with her after returning to LA. “I really love playing in the UK. The audiences are different than they are in LA. They’re totally silent, silent to the point that you can’t tell if they are loving it or hating it. But I think it’s just because they’re more attentive at shows. There’s also something really special about playing to friends and family in LA. It’s just two different vibes completely.”

With Billboard earning acclaim and a firm foot in the door, it’s only a matter of time before Sofia Wolfson is making waves here in the UK. “I’m hoping to record more soon. And to play shows when it’s safe to do so!” She tells us, the future looks bright, and there’s only more good to come from the LA songwriter.