• Jay Landman

Melin Melyn - Rebecca

Defying any one-particular genre to be pigeonholed by, Welsh four-piece Melin Melyn’s new single, ‘Rebecca’ is a ferocious wonky-pop gem; thrillingly different, eccentric in character, and quite simply brilliant.

Drawing upon their Welsh heritage for inspiration, Melin Melyn create a quirky song steeped in history whilst simultaneously alluding at the contextual similarities between past and possibly near-future, rioters. Meanwhile, the band further cement their creativity by utilising both a rock’n’roll-esque guitar solo and a saxophone solo, demonstrating an impressive ability to keep listeners on their toes, constantly guessing what could be coming next.

“I've always been fascinated by the tales of the Rebecca Riots,” says lead singer Gruff, discussing the tracks’ lyrical meaning. “It was when local Welsh farmers in the 1800s took to smashing up the toll gates put up by rich landowners, whilst being dressed in women's clothes screaming the name Rebecca. That incredulity and rage still exists today, rising day by day due to the rich feeding off the poor...perhaps I should get my skirt....”

With the severe austerity over the past decade and mishandling of the covid pandemic, we can’t help but agree with the sentiments expressed by Gruff and the others in the band Melin Melyn.

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