• ediemcqueen

Melin Melyn share kaleidoscopic new single 'Lucy'

Credit: Rachel Broad

Welsh misfits Melin Melyn are back, beckoning us once again into the kaleidoscopic fairy tale world they inhabit. The latest single, ‘Lucy’s Odyssey’, proves a wild journey through the strange landscapes they carve out, bouncing across grasslands with their sun-drenched guitar lines before plunging underwater with an effusive, muffled jazz section.

The track is a starry array of twisty, melodic indie studded with oddball psychedelia as well as folk and jazz elements. It opens with the buzzes and beeps of retro broadcasting, clipped tones giving way to sweet, neat guitars and dark, treacly vocals. The band brand themselves unafraid as they deftly hop between emotive balladry, school-boy mischief, and sultry psych.

“We would be delighted if you would care to join us on our quest to find the magical wonder that is Lucy and to search for the mythical pursuit of so-called happiness.” The band say. “Why sit at home wondering about what could be? Banish the blues, grab the nearest saxophone and bring a change of clothes. Now, which way to the moon?”

Equal parts silver screen bravado and back-alley boredom, Melin Melyn are one of the most exciting bands out there right now. Harnessing the dual danger and allure of Willie Wonka and opening the brightly coloured gates of the chocolate factory, their eccentricities and wild-eyed grins are about to get under your skin.