Mercy's Cartel - Falling

Mercy Sotire’s tracks are made for the dancefloor. Backed by her band ‘The Cartel’, the young songwriters’ tunes are infectious, being known for their memorable hooks and eclectic mix of pop, RnB, funk and Afrobeat. It’s no surprise then, that her latest release ‘Falling’ brings the same excitable flavour than her previous work. But with a heartbreaking subject matter, this latest release brings a layer of grit to the track, that makes it one to look out for.

The track begins with a thumping drumbeat, that draws listeners in from the start. Quickly aided by glittery synths and a bouncy bassline, the mix of sounds creates a powerful atmosphere that compliments the singer’s dynamic vocals seamlessly. Throughout, the artist puts on a show, singing passionately about her lockdown romance, and the struggle of being apart from her lover. Even when surrounded by the intensity of the instrumental, the impact of Mercy’s performance shines through, and adds a newfound layer of emotion to the already stellar single. Overall, the addictive backing and the singers impassioned vocals transform 'Falling' into a grooving anthem of love mid-lockdown, that grabs the lister and doesn’t let go.