Michael Aldag - Conversation

Carving out a name for himself both in the music industry and on TikTok, rising Liverpool alt-pop star Michael Aldag rounds off a successful breakthrough year with his emotive new single, Conversation.

The nineteen year old’s brand of bedroom pop blends classic singer-songwriter, love-sick lyricism with a hint of 80s influence; adding playful synth lines to understated, but infectious vocals and layering both over contemporary beats. The resulting single is a charming, down to earth alt-pop cut which finds Aldag primed for success in the coming new year.

Chatting about the track, Michael explains: ”’Conversation' is a song about those times where you’re bringing your A-game when talking to someone but you only receive metaphorical stale pieces of bread in response. It depicts the toss-up between calling the relationship a day and struggling on in vain. I had to suffer many hours of barren dialogue for this one but I think it was worth it."