MILYMA shines on the cascading 'We Could Have'

Credit: Drew Dominguez

Creating an intimate atmosphere almost so beautiful it becomes eery, Swiss songwriter and multi-instrumentalist MILYMA builds toward the release of a new EP, '321' with the breathtaking new single 'We Could Have'.

Wrapping her delicate and intoxicating vocals amongst spine-tingling, cascading piano; 'We Could Have' takes on a subtle, cleverly written and dramatic character. Reminiscent of FKA Twigs, there's a true sense of something special lingering amongst MILYMA's work.

Speaking on the track, MILYMA says “When I first wrote We could have’ in 2019, the first iteration was only with a hard scratchy bass synth, the same synth that features in the middle section of the new song, as well as my voice - but I wanted a softer version but layered the piano to create the same energy.

The song always gave me the feeling that it fits to a chasing or fleeing scene- running or flying fast!”