MINOE shares vulnerable yet confident new pop-hit 'wish i killed my ex-boyfriend'

Tackling her vulnerabilities and concerns toward the future behaviour of an abusive-ex head on, Canadian pop newcomer MINOE has shared the R&B infused new hit, 'wish i killed my ex-boyfriend'.

Nowhere near as abrasive as it's title - the track finds MINOE presenting a confidence and coolness way beyond the men of her past, while no doubt offering a sense of relatability to girls everywhere. Simultaneously revealing and compelling, it makes for an endearing introduction to the twenty-two year old's world.

Speaking on the track, MINOE explains: “wish I killed my ex-boyfriend is about a dream I once had where I almost killed my ex-boyfriend who was abusive to me. I’ve thought a lot about hoe I’m worried he might hurt another woman the way he hurt me in the future. I had just heard about how he’d dated someone else and put them through hell in a very similar way which I think is what set off the dream! So no, I don’t want to kill my ex, but I do wish I could prevent him from hurting other people, and that’s what the song is truly about.”