Mint - Headrow House, Leeds

The tenacious and relentless virtuosos Mint clearly took charge when playing Headrow House in Leeds. Their fiery spirit was evident with their powerful set and non-stop performance. Joining the headliners were the compelling hard rockers Three Day Millionaires, followed by the quirky and energetic Fudge all in the name of charity. The gig itself supported by Healthy Minds, raising money for Help Musicians UK.

With Three Day Millionaires up first, the crowd was undoubtedly unprepared for the wall of noise that was about to occur. Playing their second to last ever gig, the three-piece certainly gave their all with their vigorous performance. With screaming vocals and drums that could make any earthquake erupt, the venue was filled with a sense of passion. Before the show was about to start drummer Jamie Dean aforementioned that they “play every performance as if they are playing at Wembley Arena.” This was unequivocally evident with the complex bass and intense drum fills, every member of the audience was fortuitous to witness such a masterpiece of an act.

Next up was local band Fudge, who brought a completely different energy to stage. Their pure confidence and undoubtedly cockiness were indisputable from the start. The four young lads owned their set with energy and charisma. Bringing heavy rock with a touch of grime and hip hop elements was an unusual and first-class idea. Intricate riffs, deep vocals and and an edge of danger altogether sum up their performance. Frontman Cam lead a masterclass in being a frontman by swinging off the front of the stage and engaging with the hypnotised audience. Although not a lot of variety from song to song, their performance was remarkable and they are decidedly worth a listen.

With the crowd filling up swiftly, headliners Mint land themselves on stage in an array of animal print and leather. A modern look but with a 70’s edge. The audience was captivated from the start as they played their newest single Goodbye Beautiful. A powerful and political song highlighting the problems that the world is facing on a global level. Despite a few technical issues between the first and second song. This did not stop them from an almighty performance. With power chords and efficacious drums, they were hypnotising.

The hypnotic four-piece executed their set with an exceptional passion that is unusual to bands of the 21st century. With a brief pause between songs lead singer Zak dictates “I'm not gonna tell everyone who to vote for but I’m sure you can all agree f**k war, f**k terrorism” upon which the crowd erupts into praise and agreement.

Describing Mint as a powerhouse of noise does not serve them justice, their clever and intricate melodies overlaid with backup vocals occurred within their non-stop hits. The final track of the night was a cover of I Fought The Law and by no means was this a cover that you would watch in a pub at 10pm. It was vivacious and forceful with obvious meaning. The lyrics were screamed down the mic with such power and truth. Every face observing the charismatic rockers was either singing along or enthralled.

The astonishing performance which Mint provide is undeniably worth a watch.