Molly Burman Drops New Single 'Fool Me With Flattery'

Photo Credit: Dora Paphides

On her latest single, Molly Burman asks a simple question; ‘Do you feel like a man?’ It’s strikingly honest, but, set’s the lister up perfectly for ‘Fool Me With Flattery’s’ subject matter; her charming, yet arrogant lover. This latest offering from the 18-year old singer-songwriter sees her handle storytelling with ease, contrasting casual candidness with dreamy vocals and hazy backing to create a blissfully honest addition to her works.

The track opens with a retro-inspired guitar riff, a staple of the artist's sound. However, as the track develops, little accents are added to submerge the listener into the artists’ romantic challenges. The detailed lyrics, the angelic harmonies that enter in the bridge, and the vocal samples that linger underneath the backing all make you feel like you’re in a heated group-chat discussion with the girls, who all lament the unnamed love interest. Part of the charm of the track comes from relatability, while the rest stems from the lyrical and musical bliss that comes alongside it. With ‘Fool Me With Flattery’ Molly Burman once again proves that she is bedroom-pop’s it girl serving honesty and enjoyability all in one sitting.