Molly Green - Million Dollar Baby

The beautifully unique Molly Green has recently released her glamorous new single titled ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

The release is booming with imaginative displays of raw lyrical talent from Molly. ‘Million Dollar Baby’ strikes any listener with a new sense of empowerment and liberation, with the main message loud and clearly stating that every woman should know their worth.

‘Million Dollar Baby’ is a complex array of pure funkiness with notes of soul layered against jazz and funk. How much better can it get? From the first listen, it is clear as day that this could be a perfect fit for the next James Bond soundtrack.

Speaking on the track, Molly says: “Million Dollar Baby came about after getting some harsh truths from my mother. We were discussing my not-so-existent love life and she said I was selling myself short. She actually said I was selling myself for 5p, so I was being generous upping it to a fiver! Afterwards it became my motto, reminding myself often that I’m worth a million dollars. I really feel that everyone should get into this habit; it’s easy to let people treat you like you’re worth less when you lose sight of that.”