Mom Tudie shares soothing new addition 'Fear Leads Us On' ft. Nectar Woode & Eriksson Kaner

South London producer Mom Tudie's has teamed up with Nectar Woode and Eriksson Kaner for his latest genre-rich offering, 'Fear Leads Us On'. It's the latest in an impressive release schedule boasting collaborations with Norwich singer Maya Law, London rapper Sidders and James Berkeley of Brighton neo-soul outfit Yakul.

Despite boasting elements from a range of musical worlds, from jazzy percussion and soul inspired beats through to the glistening piano of London pianist and composer Erikkson Kaner, the new cut is flawlessly arranged – creating a luscious, soothing soundscape.

Of the new track, vocalist Nectar Woode said: "When Tom (Mom Tudie) first sent me the beat, it just reminded me of the last song you listen to in the club. Writing this song I was just so frustrated with the amount of lockdowns we had, and just not being able to live life. I missed partying, I missed clubbing, and this song reminded me of it so much. You know that moment, when you're dancing with a person you love, or you lust for, or you've just met, and you're both drowning out everyone except for each other, there's loads of eye contact; everyone can identify with that feeling. I wanted to capture that moment when you are just besotted by someone, and you just think: wow, no-one else could exist right now, it could just be us two and I'm fine with that! Regardless of whatever is going on in the world, everyone has baggage prior to meeting the person you're into, and the message is to not let that hold onto a relationship, or to take over the fact that you're into someone, don't let fear lead you on."

Mom Tudie continues, "I found Nectar on Instagram and hit her up to jump on the track. I have no idea why she isn’t a superstar yet, but in time I’m sure the world will wake up to her talent, once she releases her own music. Eriksson was a late addition to the party, but I knew it needed some more flavour so knew I could call on my musical brother to deliver. We’ve been talking about releasing music since we were sitting at the back of music lessons together in school, and I think this is finally the first track we have officially been on together."