Breaking the boundaries and exploring new areas of songwriting, Connor Schofield, frontman of JAWS has unveiled his second single under his new solo moniker, MORE*FIRE.

Bones closely follows a self-titled introduction to what is an entirely new sound from Schofield. The track was written in a cluster of creativity along with various other MORE*FIRE demos, and sees Connor swap his now recognisable vocal for heavy vocal effects and sampling.

Speaking on the track, Connor says, “I made a lot of these songs around the same time in the same cluster of creativity, I’d never really written a song with this feel or groove before and it really took me out of my comfort zone in a good way, it was great to experiment with he vocals and layering of samples with this one. Lyrically, the song has themes of learning to not to rely so much on other people and working out how to be happy in your own skin”.

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