Having spent the past eighteen months working on his own self produced music in-between working with his band and daily life, JAWS frontman Connor Schofield today drops the first taste of his second solo project, MORE*FIRE in the form of a self titled single.

Speaking about starting a second solo project, Connor explains “It's something I've always wanted to try and do, with this it was to challenge my own production and ideas, to try and do something completely different to JAWS.”

The Connor stuff was mostly throw away, there was never really a passion to work on it minus a couple of songs, I also felt that it sat too closely to the JAWS sound. I don't regret putting that stuff out there, Sun Burns & T Shirt are two of my favourite songs. In a way I needed to release it to realise what I needed to do different."

MORE FIRE provides a glimpse into a new side of Schofield’s sound, while his previous solo project Connor offered a sun-soaked, lo-fi sound, MORE*FIRE takes those lo-fi roots and fuses them together with electronic elements and auto-tuned vocals to create an attention grabbing track layered with an abundance of mesmerising sounds.

“I've always wanted to challenge myself as a producer and that was a big part of this project. i wouldn't say there was a distinct sound that I was looking to make, similar to JAWS I always try to make music I would enjoy myself, those are the songs that always stick with me.” he explains.

MORE FIRE feels much more confident than Schofield’s previous solo work, and proves there’s much more up his sleeve than the indie pop he’s become known for.

“Writing lyrics has always been my weakest point in my opinion and with this project I've generally tried to be more patient in every aspect and I think some of that ethos has definitely been drip fed into some of the lyrics.”

Promising more themes of “patience, love and being alive”, these forthcoming solo tracks are a must listen for all.