• Neive McCarthy

Mosa Wild Release Soaring New Single 'Cry Baby'

The opening plucks of acoustic guitar that introduce Mosa Wild’s latest release ‘Cry Baby’ immediately promise a soothing three minutes ahead; a promise which is undoubtedly delivered. Crafting a narrative that delves deep into our reaction to change whilst pleading for someone to stay, the track is imbued with the usual raw emotion we’ve come to expect from the four-piece.

The soaring orchestral notes carry the band’s sound to new heights – it’s a textured, soaring offering that blows their previous releases out of the water. The richly tender vocals lend the track a sincerity and earnestness that combined with the heavy instrumentals endow ‘Cry Baby’ with a capacity for calming.

It’s the perfect winter soundtrack and bristles with the kind of emotive solace that many of us need right now. Sinking into the world of Mosa Wild is all too tempting right now, and ‘Cry Baby’ bodes well for their upcoming EP – expect layers of enigmatic sound and vocals and a hush of heart-wrenching lyrics.