Motel Carnation - Baby You're A Nightmare

With a sold out debut headline show behind them, and multiple festival slots already confirmed for the year; Newcastle indie-rock trio Motel Carnation have stepped up their momentum with the release of new single Baby You’re A Nightmare.

“It's about perception mostly, the gap that's sometimes there between your version of events and another person's; and how that can have explosive consequences romantically. The song itself is an exercise in finally putting yourself in that other person's shoes; and not pulling any punches about what you see. There's still some tenderness in the hopelessness of it all, but whether that's how things really transpired is down to perception again.” says the band’s Austin Tweddle.

The track sees the trio step away from their usual jangly indie rock to create a darker, sensual single boasting a brooding groove and subtle hints of dark electronica. Produced by Bramwell Bronte (Sam Fender), Baby You’re A Nightmare is a sign of maturity from Motel Carnation, and certainly a step in the right direction.