Motel Carnation return with breezy indie-pop single ‘Déjà vu (Caught Up)’

Credit: Sophie Robson

Motel Carnation have released their latest indie-pop offering ‘Déjà vu (Caught Up)’, a sonic heatwave with a breezy electronic sweetener.

Melding a tight blend of crashing drums and funky guitars, the track gives rise to the slightly chaotic feel of late nights in summer, when the long days make you loose track of the fast-disappearing time. Bad-boy vocals mark the trio as the kind of boys your overly concerned mother would warn you off, when all they’re really after as a bit of a laugh – and it’s not really their fault if things get a bit out of hand. The track is made for live crowds and questionable after parties, where you look around and suddenly realise you don’t know a single person in the room.

The band have been marked Newcastle’s supergroup, each an integral part of the local music scene in their own right, having come together after the collapse of their other projects. Of the track, the band suggest “Deja vu deals with that one person a lot of us have had in our lives. You could say they bring out the worst in you and maybe they even encourage some self-destructive behaviours too - but they’re also a lot of fun. There still comes a point when you question whether getting obliterated four nights a week is all the relationship is built on, and what happens when you grow out of this pattern at different times. Ultimately, you have to decide when’s best to call it a night.”